WE HAVE CREATED FOUR PROVEN, PROPRIETARY PLATFORMS leveraging global resources, processes and technology - to create and market compelling product for brands and consumers.



Vertical Product Ecosystem


Product ideation, design and development is the result of an immersive and integrated approach that allows us to “design from the inside out” and deliver new and innovative products. Product innovation is core to everything we do and we leverage the talents of our Boulder, Colorado design & build studio (dubbed Outpost), our materials innovation studio in Guangzhou, China as well as a strong network of independent design talent across the globe, which we fully integrate into our proprietary product innovation work flows.



Robust Global Sourcing


We have established broad, decade-long manufacturing partnerships across Asia and an on-site team of subject matter experts, led by expat leadership, that are deeply rooted in industry best practices across the disciplines of sourcing, social compliance, quality assurance, and logistics.



In-house Sales and Merchandising


Our sales and visual merchandising team is strategically positioned across the country to provide first-rate service to our retail partners. We have centralized customer service to support our network of specialty, international, and corporate sales channel partnerships and we leverage robust technology to offer the same high service levels to retail partners of all sizes. Our internal and external network has the capacity to handle scale and we have forged strong relationships with power retailers across every sector of the consumer industry, including Sporting Goods, Marine & Outdoor Specialty, Department Store and E-commerce.



Sophisticated Supply Chain


Our experienced retail operations team utilizes state-of-the-art technologies & subject matter experts to support a high quality, closed-loop supply chain every step of the way.  Our distribution team works tirelessly to support a 24 hour shipment window out of our St. Louis, MO distribution center.